Yellow Jacket Trap

The Best Yellow Jacket Traps for 2021 - Reviewed

Reviews on the most effective, best value and best looking yellow jacket traps.


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Grilling without meat bees/yellow jackets

How To Stop Meat Bees From Ruining Your BBQ Cookout

Meat Bees can ruin summer meals outdoors. Here’s what you can do about it.


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Yellow Jacket Nest

7 Ways To Get Rid of Yellow Jacket Wasps

Yellow Jacket wasps are a major summertime pest. Here are 7 of the top ways to help get rid of them and allow you to eat outdoors again.


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Traps vs Bait Stations

Traps vs Bait Stations for Yellow Jacket Wasps

Are Bait Stations or Traps better getting rid of Yellow Jacket Wasps?


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