How to Get Rid Of a Hornet's Nest

Hornet's Nest On House

What Are Hornet’s Nests?

Do you have black-looking hairless wasps that go near bodies of water (like swimming pools)? Do you have a huge brown nest in a tree or awning that looks like a swirling paper bag - with one large hole on the side or bottom? Are the nest holes covered (i.e. it does not look like a honeycomb?)? Chances are you have a hornet’s nest.

There’s a reason why someone describes something vicious as a “hornets’ nest” - hornet’s are vicious wasps who will viciously defend their nest - chasing their attacker hundreds of feet away.

Hornets can be beneficial (they eat lots of aphids and other small insects that hurt your plants and lawn) but they can also cause painful stings, attack multiple times and be dangerous to people who are allergic.

How To Get Rid Of Them - Get A Professional

Getting rid of a hornet’s nest is not easy and can be dangerous as they will viciously protect their nest. If you do not have experience and can afford it, it is recommended you get a professional - who can come with the appropriate clothing protection and remove the nest for you. You might have to spend a few extra dollars but you’ll save it in medical bills ;).

How To Get Rid Of Them Yourself - Be Very Careful

If you want to do it on your own, buy a wasp/hornet nest spray and recognize there is a good likelihood you will get stung at least once and can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Pick a cool night, dress completely in long sleeve jacket, think pants, gloves, a full face mask and goggles. Completely cover your extremities by attaching rubber bands your gloves and socks so there are no spaces for yellow jackets to enter - and bring a flashlight so you can find the nest. Wasps are active during the day and often will sleep at night when the air gets cooler so you have a better chance of destroying more wasps and killing the nest without getting attacked.

Before spraying, make sure you have a plan - including where you will spray and where you can make a quick get-away to an internal space. Then - right before dawn - Spray the nest from 20+ feet away with the hornet/wasp spray until the entire nest is coated and quickly run to an interior location with the doors and all windows shut. Make sure to follow the instructions on the spray bottle if they differ from these. Remain inside - and keep all pets and children inside for at least 4 hours afterwards.

And just for fun - If you own a drone and don’t mind messing it up, the web is filled with videos of drones destroying nests. You may end up with a broken drone but fantastic sharable video!.

Whatever action you take to get rid of the hornet’s nest - remember to stay safe. These guys are aggressive and will attack en mass when provoked.

Happy nest removal!

Email me when there are better ways to defeat yellowjackets.