The Best Yellow Jacket Traps for 2021 - Reviewed

Yellow Jacket Trap

Yellow jacket wasps are the bane of my summer. I eat outside a lot and these little yellow buggers come and ruin all of the fun as soon as summer starts and I start grilling.

I have spent the last few years testing out a number of Yellow Jacket traps to help get rid of yellow jackets. While none are perfect, here are the ones I think have worked the best.



Winner: Biocare Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap.

The Biocare trap overall had the best combination of looks, price and effectiveness. You have to be careful when moving it around as the liquid can splash out, but overall it is our top pick for best Trap. See below for more details on it.

Best Performing Yellow Jacket Trap

**Winner: **Rescue Reusable Yellow Jacket Trap


From my experience, the best performing trap to date is the Rescue Reusable Trap available at Amazon or Home Depot. This trap is very popular and easy to put together. Add the attractant, some fluid - and add a couple chunks of meat (like chicken or hot dogs) and this will start catching yellow jackets quickly. It is also pretty easy to clean out too. We can catch about 100 wasps in this before it fills up.

Overall cost: $10-$15 per unit plus $8 per refill. Handling a 0.5 acre lot costs about $60.00 (3 traps and 3 refills).

Notable Mention: Biocare Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap.

(See below for more details on this one)

Most Attractive Yellow Jacket Trap

Biocare Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap

Winner: Biocare Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap.

I found the best looking yellow jacket trap to be the Biocare Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap.

Biocare made their trap aesthetically pleasing and - more importantly - opaque so that you do not see the dead wasps while you are sitting outside. (Why isn’t anyone else doing this? )

Put this trap outside and you’ll just see a pleasant yellow blob instead of dozens of dying frantic yellow jackets - or worse - a bag full of dead yellow jackets.

The trap works really well too. On a numbers comparison it performed just about as well as our most effective pick. This is probably our favorite all-around trap and it has been gaining a lot of popularity in our area over the last two years.

Best Value Yellow Jacket Trap


Winner: Do it yourself

If you want the least expensive yellow jacket trap, the best advice is to build your own. With just a 2 liter soda bottle, sugar, water and a hotdog you can create a viable yellow jacket trap for under $1.

Take 2 liter bottle (or a large bottle of apple juice and cut a 1inch by 2inch square into it.

Add the following:

Close the top of the bottle and watch the magic happen.

Good Housekeeping and Youtube have great information on this.

**Notable Mention: **Rescue Disposable Traps

Best Traps To Buy In Bulk


Winner: Rescue Disposable Traps

Rescue has some pretty good inexpensive disposable traps for about $6 each. You can buy these in 6 packs so they are easier for larger properties. And they generally work as well as normal traps dod (helping to reduce the yellow jacket population). While these are technically disposable, you can empty and refill them. It just takes a bit of effort. Make sure to include meat when you put together the trap to catch more yellow jackets earlier in the season!

Well there you have it my picks for 2021!

Email me when there are better ways to defeat yellowjackets.